Toy Poodles Brings Joy to Palm City, Florida!

When the Chapman family of Palm City, Florida tragically lost their precious puppy whom they considered a treasured member of their family, they were devastated. They did everything they could for their beloved boy and he was one of the most spoiled dogs in the world. Though no one can replace their sweet Rio, this adorable Toy Poodle will help fill their home with joy once again. His name is Ohanna which means family! ❤️

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  1. Rhonda

    You guys are the absolute best!!! Truly our little Angels!!! This past week has been the worst week of our lives and never could have prepared for what we experienced. Our breath for daily living, our entire world was suddenly being taken from us and we could not make sense of any of it. Shattered, trying to grasp what had just happened, praying to wake up from the nightmare had become our reality. Then came days of barely sleeping with little to eat because the emptiness was just overwhelming and the sadness was drowning. We could hear him, smell him, and kept getting little glimpses of him coming around the corner only to realize we were indeed without part of our soul! Too much to endure for another minute, the search began. A 6 hour trip was planned next to meet, pick up, and bring home a new addition for us, however, something did not feel right. With only 10 minutes away from the location, I found myself turning the car around, and the tears began to pour! I just could not even think about another puppy coming back where our Rio was supposed to be. My vision was now compromised making it necessary for me to take the net exit. I could no longer see from the tears and grief overtaking me. I sat in a parking and just cried. Knowing I had to pull it together, I knew it would be impossible without the additional little energy we had become so accustomed to. So I began the search again. There it was! A STEAL!! Another little guy was ready and 50%off!!!! That was only 1/4 of the expense I knew our little boy was going to cost, AKC, the whole package!! (should’ve known better!!)AND EVEN including shipping!! Hopes were up, arrangements were made, the good news was shared with my babes at home. We would soon have a new member with us. Unfortunately, the next day revealed our fears. It was simply too good to be true and was another individual playing on the emotions of someone new. A complete disappointment with discouragment all around. Then…… it happened!!!! a God wink! Our paths crossed with you and our lives were changed!
    We messaged, we spoke, we messaged again, you sent me more photos, never rushing me to do or decide anything. But with you, it was different! I felt it. I knew when we were talking, you were our Angel we had been desperately needing. We fell in love immediately upon seeing our little Ohana and for the 1st time in 9 days, I felt my heart begin to open her eyes. You are the reason my children will smile again, the reason we will look forward to tomorrow, as that has not been the case of late, you are the reason we want to say Thank You! Thank you for your kindness, understanding, patience, generosity, and for giving us that little glee of hope we thought was gone forever. Because of you, we are getting back up on our feet. We are looking forward to many incredible happy memories to be made once again, always remembering the little star of our being!
    You guys are the real deal, the ultimate best!!
    All our love,
    Rhon, Chi, Kaed and
    In Loving Memory of our
    Precious Little Rockstar,
    Chariot Veyron….. a.k.a.

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